Play-A-Maze is a family owned and operated toy company developing the world’s most innovative toys.  Our educational and entertaining puzzle-toys combine traditional puzzles with mobile gaming to create a fun-to-learn environment for children of all ages.

We have been marketing toys to children of all ages for nearly two decades. We leverage this experience with our commitment to education by designing puzzle-toys that best engage a child’s imagination while helping develop critical thinking and memory.  Play-A-Maze, we make learning fun.


A-Maze Craze

Catch the coolest craze, with A-Maze Craze, the perfect puzzle and future of family fun.

A-Maze Craze is the perfect toy to please children and adults, providing fun for all the family.  A-maze Craze is an easy to use game you can play together or alone.  It helps hand eye co-ordination as players use concentration and gain points by moving balls through the maze to get them to goals.
The addition of a smartphone makes it more amazing, so you or your children can beat boredom and create their own crazy challenges.  Portable, safe, and smart, you can carry it anywhere. So amaze your family and friends with A-maze Craze, a craze you can’t miss.


Twist your way to victory to solve the ever-changing maze!

Twist-A-Maze is the next step in hand-held interactive gaming entertainment.  With its new and innovative design we have created a maze-game that stimulates the mind while challenging and developing hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking. This exceptional toy is fun recreation for the entire family.

With its unique rotating maze, the number of pathways to finish is virtually unlimited. Sturdy, durable and constructed of lightweight, yet strong materials, this toy is built to provide you with years of carefree fun and stimulating entertainment.


Boost your child's thinking skills with amazing puzzle toy!

This is a marble maze in which players must manipulate manually operated dials to sort the marbles. The use of dials and other toy features make the gameplay more interesting and challenging compared to traditional marble mazes. This toy provides and easy and entertaining way to develop fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

The world’s most innovative puzzle toys.


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